First church confirmed!

St Columba’s United Reformed Church in Oxford have offered to host me on my pilgrimage. I expect to be speaking in Oxford on or around Sunday 26th June.

St Columba’s is the first church to make a definite hosting offer, which makes this an exciting moment for me!

I will be working with St Columba’s to decide on the sort of event that this will involve. Their minister, Carla Grosch-Miller, is keen to make the event accessible to people from other churches in Oxford, and I very much hope we can do so.

I have been contacted by several churches along my pilgrimage route from Birmingham to London. While St Columba’s is the first church to confirm, another church looks very likely to do so shortly and I have also begun discussions with three others.

If you live on the route between Birmingham and London, or have connections there, it would be really helpful if you could approach your churches or other group to ask if they would consider hosting me.

While I’m happy to give talks, I’m also very willing to engage in debates with others who disagree, as well as to join in acts of worship and informal conversations. I hope to engage in respectful dialogue and to challenge and be challenged by those I meet.


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