Central London church to host final talk

 I’m delighted to announce that the final talk on my pilgrimage will be in a central London church. My walk will finish at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church, near New Oxford Street.

I will be speaking there at 7.00pm on Friday 1st July, the evening before Pride.

I really appreciate the church’s help and their willingness to host the event. Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church has a strong record of grassroots engagement with important social issues, including poverty, homelessness and peace.

The pilgrimage is now only three months away. I admit to being both excited and nervous now it’s so close. 

There’s been quite a lot of interest and I’m really grateful to have received so much encouragement. I’m humbled by the reminders of the love and grace manifested in God’s forgiveness.

I’m in discussions with a number of churches, but in several locations I’ve found it harder than I’d hoped to confirm venues for talks, worship or debates. If you know a church or other group on the route that you think might be interested, it would be really helpful if you could let me know.

Possible locations in which I’m still looking include Solihull, Coventry, Milton Keynes, Banbury, Bicester, Haddenham/Thame and west London.


2 comments so far

  1. Gentle Lamb on

    God bless you wonderfully as
    you take this walk and pilgrimage
    of reflection.

    As you go through the
    daring process of asking for repentance,
    may we [the GLBT community] have the grace to accept
    your genuine and spiritual act.

    May healing come for many who have suffered so much due
    to homophobia. May healing come as a result of your walk
    of repentance and hand of fellowship.


  2. Symon on

    Thank you very much, Gentle Lamb! I really appreicate your words.

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