Christianity and homophobia in Britain today

Many thanks to Camden LGBT Forum, who invited me to speak at their event entitled ‘The Globalisation of Homophobia’ on 17 May  – the International Day Against Homophobia.

I spoke about homophobia in Britain today and its relationship with Christianity.  The text of my talk can be found by clicking here.


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  1. Sophie, Surrey on

    An excellent speech. Like you, I am much exercised by the work of Christian Concern and the Christian Legal Centre

    As you say, these groups “put much if not most of their energy into campaigning against the acceptance of homosexuality and bisexuality.”

    All the court cases undertaken by these groups have failed, and in none of them was this remotely surprising. The only purpose of publicising these cases appears to be to suggest – quite falsely – that the faithful are being victimised.

    Christian homophobes are no more being victimised than Christian racists were during the American Civil Rights movement.

    The unfortunates taken up by these groups end up being notorious, receiving enormous amounts of unwelcome publicity and – of course – losing in court. In several cases the CLC’s actions have turned an internal matter into a court case, and very much worsened the position of their clients. I think it’s safe to say that, based on events, anyone taken up by the CLC will end up in a worse position than before.

    For example, the case of Mr & Mrs Bull, the Cornish B&B owners, was taken up by the Christian Legal Centre. It was obvious to me from the outset, even without legal training, that the Bulls were bound to lose, and why they would lose. Dragging this unwinnable case through the courts caused the elderly couple so much strain that Mr Bull was in hospital during the hearing.

    I understand that the Bulls did not pay for their legal representation. Good thing too, as I cannot see that the CLC acted in their clients’ best interests. An out of court settlement would have been the course suggested by any dispassionate representative.

    The case went to court to service the CLC’s narrative of victimhood, not to win anything for poor Mr & Mrs Bull who should never have been advised to go to court in the first place.

    The same can be said for a number of cases, all of which have done nothing more than suggest to the public at large the dismal claim that Christianity is defined almost entirely by homophobia.

    • Symon on

      Thanks for your comment, Sophie. I think a lot of Christians share your view of the CLC. We need to make sure we speak up just as much against homophobia as the CLC do in favour of it.

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