Day 5: Hospitality

Before today, I had never given a radio interview while sitting on a canal towpath using my mobile phone.

This morning, Premier Christian Radio called and requested an interview about Trevor Philips’ recent comments on British Christians’ attitudes to sexual orientation. Fortunately, today’s route was mostly quiet, without noisy traffic to disturb the recording. After some fairly busy roads over the last few days, it was nice to spend much of today walking by the Grand Union Canal, especially given the sunny weather.

I was due to stay in Southam tonight, but had been worried for a while that I had no accommodation arranged there. I was reluctant to stay in a B&B, as pilgrimage usually involves reliance on hospitality.

Amazingly, a minister at a church in Leamington offered last night to pay for my accommodation in a B&B in Southam as an act of hospitality and support. We couldn’t fine a B&B in Southam, so I’m staying in Long Itchington, a village a couple of miles away, having walked here from Southam.

This situation is a great example of the wonderful welcome and hospitality that I have been privileged to receive on this pilgrimage. I’ve been really humbled by the generosity of both friends and strangers. Finding myself in this B&B, I am also reminded of how unpredictable the pilgrimage is already proving to be. Perhaps it is the very nature of hospitality that it is not always easy to see it coming.


2 comments so far

  1. Miriam Yagud on

    My partners mother lives in that village. She has 3 Lesbian daughters but she may not be that welcoming!

  2. David in Chippy on

    Looking forward to welcoming you in Oxford Symon.

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