Day 16: Arrival

I have walked from Birmingham to London.

I arrived in central London this afternoon (although as I’m writing this after midnight, it was technically yesterday afternoon – Friday 1 July). I felt excitement, relief and gratitude – and frankly felt very weird – as I reached Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church at around 3.00pm.

I was delighted with the warm response I received when speaking at the church this evening, and the great discussion that ensued. Many, many thanks to the people who came, to those who helped to organise the event, to those who would like to have come but couldn’t make it and to the people who sent supportive emails and tweets when they heard I’d arrived in central London. 

I will write more about the event after I complete the final part of my pilgrimage tomorrow: I will walk from Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church to the Pride march, where I will join the Christian group (who will assemble at the northern end of Portland Place around noon). The Pride march will be the final stage of my pilgrimage of repentance for homophobia.

As you’ll appreicate, I’m very tired now. There’ll be a lot more to read tomorrow, and over the following few days (when I’ll be able to write while feeling more awake!).


2 comments so far

  1. Annette on

    Congratulations Simon! Hope that you get a great welcome on the Pride march and that your repentance encourages others to reconsider their views and judgments about gays and lesbians. We are diminished when we judge others – not giving ourselves any chance to learn from their experiences, good and bad.

    Every blessing


  2. Natalya on

    Congratulations on making it to the end. I am sorry to have missed your launch in Birmingham but I have been following your blog and updates. I look forward to reading your thoughts once you’ve had some rest as I have enjoyed seeing your interpretations of things so far.

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