Thank you!

I couldn’t have done it on my own. That’s one of my main thoughts a week after my arrival in London.

My pilgrimage of repentance for homophobia was possible because of all the people who helped, supported, encouraged and prayed for me. I thank God for those who gave lots of time to organising things from a distance, who helped me with navigation and planning, who publicised the walk and the associated events, who gave me emotional and spiritual support, who provided me with accommodation (sometimes at short notice) and who discussed the issues with me on the way.

People who sent me encouraging emails and other messages helped me more than most of them know. At times of difficulty they really sustained me, as I imagined everyone who supported the pilgrimage walking with me. Those who asked challenging questions helped me to develop my thoughts and to focus on particular issues as I sort God’s guidance. People who prayed for me and thought about me played a major role. It made a vast difference to know there were people doing so.

I’ve not yet written to everyone who helped, or replied to all the messages. I will do so over the coming days.

In many ways, I was not doing anything remarkable. The journey from homophobe to equality activist is a common one, particularly in Christian circles. The response to my walk showed how much support there is for the idea that Christians should repent of homophobia and take a radical stand for equality. I’ve mostly been resting (and sleeping lots) since finishing the pilgrimage, but I’m also thinking about how I can best continue to contribute to this aim. At this point, however, my priority is to say a collective “thank you”.


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