Speaking at Greenbelt

I’ll soon be off to Greenbelt, a Christian festival that I really love attending every year. Thousands of people gather at Cheltenham for music, performances, worship, talks, debates and much more. I love it.

That’s why I was particularly excited when Greenbelt endorsed my pilgrimage earlier this year. If you’re going to Greenbelt, you can find me speaking about my pilgrimage, and answering questions, at 9.30 on Monday (not a great slot for those who like to stay up late chatting at Greenbelt!). I’ll also be participating in the “OuterSpace” (LGBT-focused) worship at 11.00pm on Sunday night.

Also, I think my book, The No-Nonsense Guide to Religion, will be on sale in the Greenbelt bookshop.

I’m really delighted to have been asked to speak about my pilgrimage by a number of different groups. I’ll soon have given more talks since the walk than I gave on the walk. I’ve spoken to Courage (a gay and lesbian evangelical group) and at the Student Christian Movement Theology Summer School. I’ve now been invited to speak about the pilgrimage to student groups in Sheffield, Warwick and Southampton, and at churches in Cardiff and Leeds.

I hope these talks will help me and others discern where to go next in terms of the issues and possibilities that came up on my walk. Your thoughts and suggestions are welcome.

While I’m continuing to post on this site about issues and events related to my pilgrimage, I’m blogging more regularly about wider issues of religion, sexuality and society at http://www.symonhill.wordpress.com.

Greenbelt’s a great place to catch up with old friends and meet interesting new people. I look forward to seeing some of you there.


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  1. Rachel on

    That’s really great that you’re participating in Greenbelt – looking forward to hearing you there (9.30am is late for us – coming with 2 small kids!).

    Are you planning to go to any of the other Outerspace events? Can I recommend, ‘9.30pm Friday – ‘Dreams of Home’: finding a spiritual home for LGBT Christians can seem like an unattainable dream. This panel session will be an opportunity to hear from individuals who have managed to find a spiritual space they can call home, whether that is within formalised church or without.’

    OK I’m biased, my parter is facilitating the session!

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